Differential Imaging has positioned itself as a leading global post-production house for large volume projects. We have been crafting customized and scalable retouching solutions from 2002.

Since then, we have evolved into a trusted partner for outsourced photo-editing services. We empower big, small, old and new brands to make a mark for themselves through our committed and consistent project management.

Differential has large teams of experienced and trained photo editors to cater to their varied client base. Whether its high-end creative retouching for a big commercial brand banner or volume e-commerce product crops & enhancements or restoration of old and damaged photographs, our magic has touched hundreds of thousands of images.

Above all this, every process is backed by strong a technology platform developed in-house enabling us to address our clients’ needs in a systematic and efficient manner.

The Differential team believes that it takes many small steps to make a giant leap. Our “on the job” training program empowers young adults from underprivileged backgrounds to learn new skills and carve an unconventional career path for themselves. Hear their stories...