Why women are natural leaders

Why women are natural leaders

This week as part of Women’s Day celebrations, we recognised some of the women in our organisation who have stood out for their contributions to the company. While working with the team to identify some of our outstanding contributors, I got thinking as to what characteristics of these women leaders at Differential help them succeed in their responsibilities and act as role models for the team.

Problem solving

Leaders in organizations are looked up to and relied upon to solve the most intractable issues and convert them into opportunities. Women inherently avoid direct conflict and look at collaborative solutions first. This approach very often leads to out of the box ideas and unconventional ways to grow. The organisation is deeply indebted to these women in positions of responsibilities in helping it grow rapidly without the associated friction.

Emotional Intelligence

Leadership is all about getting the best of the team, honing and building on each individual’s strengths and giving them the confidence to improve in areas they may naturally shy away from. Having the Emotional Intelligence to quickly grasp each individual’s unique personality and abilities helps the leader deliver outstanding results. A study conducted by the Korn Ferry Hay group shows that women outperform men on emotional intelligence. This is apparent when I look around, the teams being led by women, with their mentoring and coaching skills, outperform the rest of the organization when it comes to adaptation, learning and performing under stress.


It may be a cliche but, as with all cliches, there is a grain of truth in the fact that women tend to be more commited to their responsibilities. This naturally helps them stand out as leaders as teams tend to start relying on them to deliver every time. The sense of dependability naturally comes out on projects with large client interaction and tight deliverables. The standard set by these women leaders is irreplacable in setting the culture for an organization.

The women at Differential bring a distinct perspective on management styles that balances out the qualities found in stereotypical corporate leadership, making for a well-rounded team that is more competitive and able to handle the modern workplace.

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